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The Architects Guide to Luxury Architectural Hardware

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All architects understand the importance of finishing touches. From door handles to hinges, even the most minor elements can influence the bigger picture. And when it comes to designing your project’s doors, you know that it can make or break the feeling a person has when entering the room or building. Doors aren’t just functional; they’re persuasive and inviting! But all that can change depending on the hardware you select. 

Here are five things to look at when incorporating luxury hardware into your architectural design.  


From the texture to the size, a visitor’s first impression of a building usually comes when they reach for the door handle.  

Do you want the entryway of your project to be large and foreboding or inviting and amicable? Depending on the type of project, you’ll want to consider how large the handle is and if it should contain a company emblem or identifying shapes.  

However, pay attention to how comfortable it is to reach for too. A large, cumbersome handle may be offputting, while something too small can leave an underwhelming impression. 

Architectural Ironmongery - the finishing touches to design - HAF International
Architectural Ironmongery – the finishing touches to design – HAF International


If you like the contemporary look of square door handles or large circular knobs, make sure you take into consideration your customer or client base and what they’re most likely to be attracted to as well. 


Whether you decide on a lever, knob, or pull handle, the size and resistance of the hardware also influence that first impression. 

The larger the handle, the more luxurious and tasteful your building becomes. 


Traditionally, shiny, reflective handles represent wealth and luxury; however, they’re not the only options. When picking a finish for your door’s hardware, you have countless options.  

For example, brushed metal signifies modernity, hammered appearances can look purposefully chic and rustic whilst bronze finishes are strong and timeless. 

Pay attention to how the handle is used and how often; these will help you determine the finish best suited for your needs. 


Depending on the type of building you’ve created, you’ll need to decide between traditional or modern finishes. 

 As an architect would confirm, mismatched styles can completely ruin the aesthetic of your design if not chosen correctly. So, when looking at luxury building hardware options, always select complementary styles of the same family.  

Hardware for Architects 

As part of an architects DNA, you know that every detail matters, from the tile on the floor to the door handles on the bathroom cubicles. 

While it can be meticulous making decisions that influence the look of your project on such a small scale, it can also give you the power to make the space just right.  

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