Architectural ironmongery schedule top time saving tip

The architectural ironmongery schedule tip that’ll save you time overnight!

An ironmongery schedule is an important document that outlines the ironmongery requirements of a building project. It covers security, fire safety, disabled access, and functionality as well as ensuring legislation and regulatory requirements are met. There are many steps in the process ranging from reviewing the floor plans to understanding the detail of the door schedule. 

A well-developed ironmongery schedule can save you money, but it also requires time to develop. Here is one solution that can help save you both time and money.

Architectural Hardware Catalogues

Architectural Hardware Catalogues are great for referencing material and providing detailed information needed to cost the project. However, in the post-digital era where information is delivered instantly they have their limitations.

Website product listings, and making catalogues available online in PDF format is a popular solution. 

However, no matter the method, the process of reviewing non-bespoke products takes a lot of time. Once you’ve discovered the product; the specifications need to be noted, and samples requested. You may also need to make a judgment as to whether your selection works against a particular door colour. This is especially time-consuming if you’re sourcing non-bespoke products such as lever handles, pull handles, and knob furniture.

NEW! Product Builder Tool

HAF International in partnership with its parent company John Planck Ltd has combined their expertise and developed a solution designed to make life easier. The solution is an online product builder tool and is fully integrated on both websites. What’s more, it’s easily accessible via desktop or mobile and requires just a few simple steps.

Product Builder Ironmongery


Simply select Product Builder in the navigation bar and choose the product you wish to specify. You can select technical specifications, and check the finish. You can also test your product against a range of popular door colours from one single touch-point.


Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you can simply select the quantity and request a quote.

Depending on the number of products you wish to specify, the entire process can take less than 10 minutes.

This simple solution is a must-have in today’s fast-paced environment where everyone is online. It’s an efficient way to free up your time to focus on other more time-sensitive aspects of your project. To test this new tool visit