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Hotel Style Ironmongery Finishing Touches for Residential Homes



Hotels are one of the best signs of luxury. It’s where some of the most beautiful and luxurious designs in architecture, interior design, and architectural hardware can be discovered.

Coco Chanel lived in and called The Paris Ritz hotel home for decades. With staycations on the rise and hotel rooms re-engineered for remote working. Perhaps now might be the time when we begin to see demand for extending hotel-style living at home. Here is our quick guide to adding hotel-style finishing to a residential project.

Door Furniture

The Great Scotland Yard Hotel has had many lives. Prior to its transformation into one of London’s most luxurious hotels. This building was HQ to Scotland Yard Police and home to the Ministry of Defence.

Great Scotland Yard Hotel bespoke handle

To celebrate the history of the building, the designers commissioned bespoke door furniture to reflect the building’s heritage, whilst exuding luxury. Architectural hardware like doorknobs, lever handles, letterings, and more can help create that sense of hotel-style luxury. This project illustrates how this was achieved on a grand scale, the same principles could be applied to residential homes.


The hotel bathroom has to work for a number of different users. It is a prime example of form and function in practice. 

Designers like Frost Denmark expertly blend function with design to create stunning pieces that work in all types of buildings. Bathrooms in luxury hotels are treasure troves of the most interesting and detailed ironmongery pieces. They offer ideas that could easily translate to a residential project.

Washroom taps

“FROST wholly embraces the concept that function is nothing without truth in form’ Hans Jorgen Frost (Founder & Director)

View Frost Catalogue here


Some of the best examples of staircases are found in high-end hotels. Architectural centerpieces that can transform the user’s experience of the building and connect the overall design.


The red-carpeted stair from the movie Gone with the Wind, is one of the most well-known staircases. This architectural feature is a good example of how hotel grandeur can be applied to a residential setting.

Hotel Interiors For Residential Homes

As we applaud the hospitality industry for opening their doors to essential workers and the nation embrace ‘staycations’. Luxuries we typically enjoy in hotels are likely to grow in popularity. 

Architectural Ironmonger’s like HAF International have the insight and expertise to translate hotel lifestyle living to residential spaces. To review our portfolio and discuss your brief email