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Why Hotel Renovation needs to start with an Architectural Ironmonger

Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Architectural ironmongers are not the first specialist to consider when undertaking a hotel renovation project. However, with a deep understanding of every corner of a building, involving these specialists in the early stages can be more helpful than you think. In this article, we take a look at some of the unique perspectives an architectural hardware expert can bring to a hotel renovation project.

The Planning Process   

An architectural ironmonger worth their salt will carry out a survey of the property and identify if any items can be retained if so desired. They will also take note of any damaged items that can be refurbished and identify those that have aged too much and need to be replaced. 

This is all part of the discovery process. A valuable step in the consultation between the project design team and the ironmongery expert. Here, you have the chance to discuss the design and get expert advice on practical requirements such as compliance with fire safety regulations. 

By commissioning an ironmonger earlier in the planning stage, you can minimise delays and save costs.  Bespoke design products like a lever and/or pull handles, for example, can take longer to design and manufacture. Furthermore, it is more than likely that the raw materials required will need to be sourced, so early commissioning means that you don’t run the risk of limiting your buying power due to late requests.

During the planning stage, an ironmonger will typically produce an ironmongery schedule that will layout all specifications and give an indicative price for the projects’ requirements. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, where it is for and the lead time for delivery. 

They’re Helpful in Passing Inspections

Architectural ironmongers understand more than most how buildings should work. They understand how users should flow in certain types of buildings and what measures are necessary to control movement. They add value by ensuring the hardware used in the building adheres to all fire and safety regulations.

One important safety requirement, in particular, are closers for fire doors. Controlled door closing devices are essential since they help the door close, remain closed and achieve the relevant fire resistance. These are important considerations that an expert architectural hardware specialist can advise on and help ensure your project passes inspection.

Hotel Renovation Success 

Architectural ironmongers are expert collaborators, they are apt at working simultaneously with architects, designers, and contractors. By getting them involved early, you won’t have to worry about budgeting issues or failed inspections. Instead, an architectural ironmonger will deliver high-quality products in the timeframe you select and within your budget.  

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