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Your Guide to the Key Features of Hotel Door Furniture.

Hotel Door Furniture

Whether you’re specifying or supplying hotel door furniture for a renovation or new build project, make sure you get the right combination of style, safety, and security by working with an expert. 

The right architectural ironmonger can guide the selection of door furniture that matches the design specifications while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. In this article, we outline a few key features of hotel door furniture that is a must for any luxury building project.

Locks and Latches to Fit Your Decor

Security has never been a higher priority than it is today. However, the choice of hotel locking systems doesn’t have to add an unsightly touch that ruins the aesthetics of the doors to the hotel rooms. Guests need to feel safe and secure when they retire for the evening. They also need to trust that their belongings stay safe in their room while away for the day. 

From the external lock to additional interior security latches, an architectural ironmonger can help you choose the best security features in styles that fit your decor. Brands like Vingcard and Salto are lock suppliers who work closely with ironmongers to ensure compatibility with their locking systems and HAF lever handles selected by the client.

“Offering the highest levels of room security for guests doesn’t require you to sacrifice style!” cites Barny Bott (HAF International Business Development Director)

Lever Handles Consistent Throughout the Room

The door into a hotel room is not the only door in the room. For strength and security, choose lever handles for the door into the room. Furthermore, ensure continuity by selecting interior lever handles for bathroom and closet doors that match the style of the entry door.

Whilst guests might not notice the lever door handle. Quality in construction and design helps the products endure frequent usage while adding a touch of class to the room. 

Hinges to Match the Handle Hardware

It’s easy to consider a bulk batch of door hinges to use throughout your hotel. However, this small, almost hidden door feature deserves greater consideration! 

The right hinges add to the safety, performance, and durability of a hotel room door. The door locks and latches keep people out as long as the door stays attached to the frame. An ironmonger can help you select hinges that suit the door weight factoring in the adjusted weight a door closers add to the initial weight of the door. Providing the client with the reassurance of the longevity and operation of the door during its lifetime.

Contribute to the overall design of your doors with hinges that match the handle hardware. You might not receive negative customer reviews if your hinges don’t match. However, when class and security become a priority for your hotel’s brand, attention to detail matters. 

When the hinges, handles, locks, and latches carry the same aesthetic, you’ve effortlessly amplified the quality that guests will feel when enjoying their stay. 

A Professional Ironmonger Crafts Exceptional Hotel Door Furniture

Don’t sacrifice quality or design when choosing the best (and most secure) features for your hotel doors. We’ve been supplying architectural ironmongery to the luxury sector for decades. Let our team help put together the right pieces for your hotel door furniture. Contact us to get started!